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Critics and Celebrities

"A very erudite read"...Adam West ( TV's Batman )

Mystique Books Review

Druscilla Marie D'Lambert is born shortly after the Norman Conquest of England to an alchemist father. Druscilla lives in Blackbridge, a village just outside of Blackbridge Forest, the cursed woods where Satan takes refuge. The day before Druscilla's eighteenth birthday, Satan and his mistress, Jocelyn Elizabeth Von Hagan, have a major fight, and Satan banishes Jocelyn from his woods. Because Jocelyn seeks power and is bent on revenge, she goes to the Vikings and makes a deal with their leader. After Jocelyn puts a spell on the leader, which makes him virtually indestructible, he agrees to kill Satan and bring her Satan's pentagram ring. On the day of Druscilla's birthday, the Vikings attack the village and Druscilla's father makes her leave and hide just outside of Blackbridge Forrest. However, Druscilla returns, witnesses the massacre, and flees into Blackbridge Forest.

Once there, Druscilla meets Satan and makes a deal with him to be trained as the Queen of Witches and to have eternal beauty and life. Then, Satan gives Druscilla his pentagram ring, and Jocelyn, who is spying from the trees in her raven form, witnesses this transaction. Satan disappears and the Viking leader enters the forest. Because she is afraid Druscilla hides in the pool, which contains Satan's blood. When Druscilla can hold her breath no longer, the ring pulls the blood to her and she is forced to swallow it. Because of this, Druscilla becomes more powerful and exits the pool and dispatches the Viking leader. After her training in black magic, Druscilla is poisoned through Jocelyn's treachery and is walled up in a castle. Many years pass until Druscilla is discovered and reanimated. Druscilla, now, works for the government against the evil organization of UMBRA, which is headed by Jocelyn and her son with Satan, Maximilian.

WICCA GIRL is an exciting, action-packed fantasy with many humorous moments. It is evident to this reader that Mr. Leider has his tongue planted firmly in cheek throughout much of this work, and I found myself chuckling quite often. The action is attention-grabbing and the humor is enjoyable, but some readers may not enjoy the violence, and Druscilla's cannibalistic tendencies are a bit gruesome and off-putting. It is a strange quirk of mine that the villains can eat away at anyone but the heroine must abstain from such activities, even if she only eats evil people. This is just my personal preference and the cannibalism only detracted a little from my enjoyment of a solid, fantasy read.

Four Mystique Moons. (Excellent)
Class Two sensuality. (Limited)

Marlene Breakfield, Review Coordinator

Review Scout Online
HURRAY for Wicca Girl! ( Rating 5 of 5 )

"I met the writer at a Comic Con event and he was so engaging that I decided to buy the book, thinking ok, I'll read a little and wonder later why did I waste money on this. I was shocked to find that i loved it and so far it has been the best read all year for me. The characters were delightful, sometimes scary, well written but believable at least for me, but other that it was like revisitng Buffy and company. I look forward to the trilogy and wish I didn't have to wait a year for the next one"   ...HardCandy

“Wicca Girl drew me in totally…an amazing, amusing tale with real thrills…Leider is a master storyteller…I can’t wait for the movie!”  ...Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio

“Truly Transporting- R. Allen Leider takes you to a dark, fascinating world where badass babes lurk everywhere… you’ll want to visit often”   ...Bill Bregoli, CBS Radio syndicated

“Spies and witches, non-stop action and adventure over 900 years and Satan is the good guy…Wicca Girl rocks!”   .…Channel ERK Podcasts

“It took three days to get it away from my teenage daughter and then I discovered why….this is an amazing, fantastic tale with many, many layers to absorb”   …Mike Sargeant, WBAI Radio

“Druscilla Marie d’Lambert is the 007 of the 21st Century…Wicca Girl is a delightful fast-paced tale of good vs. evil”   .…Barry Z – syndicated cable TV talk show host

“Wicca Girl is…a dynamic story….a good book that passes the ‘is-it-fun test”   ….Dale Arnold, Baltimore Science Fiction Society

‘’I enjoyed it a lot and passed it on to a young friend (17) who thought it was great, too’’   …Sarah Karloff, Entrepreneur daughter of Boris Karloff

“One of the most innovative fantasy adventures in decades.”   …Gabriel Perez, Podcast

Lay Readers

“I really enjoyed Wicca Girl. I loved how the author made the dialog modern day. My favorite part was when Druscilla came to the 21st century and had to adjust to modern day life. All and all the story was really good! I can’t wait to read the sequels when they come out!”   ...Melisa K., Student, Glassport, PA

The story kept my interest riveted to the pages   ...Holly B., LaMesa, CA

I found Wicca Girl to be well-written, adventurous and entertaining…an exciting tale without anything offensive. Young people will love it”   ...Marilen B, Retired, Pitts., PA

“I am amazed at how much I enjoyed reading Wicca Girl, which I just finished. ‘Amazed’ because I have never, ever read any literature of this genre, and quite frankly was never interested in doing so. Your book has exceeded any expectations I might have had when I started reading it. I'm looking forward to your next book and the WG sequels with eager anticipation. Congratulations.”   ...Larry Bragg, Insurance, Bel Air, CA

flying demonI read Wicca Girl into the wee hours last night. I am waiting on the edge of my chair for the sequels to come out. I wonder what will happen when Druscilla meets her parents, how Cher will evolve and how her trip to London will go. It was an interesting twist with the characters in the last few pages and you have to reread the book with that new knowledge.

The style is so interesting, descriptive beyond words. A sentence develops into a paragraph and builds into a crescendo which then is sarcastically reduced to an editorial two words. That always kept me laughing and on the lookout for the next one - a sort of a simplistic putdown to an event that I was taking seriously. It is a fast read as I couldn't really put it down. The chapters are very short so you think, ‘I'll just read one more’, then you read the next ten.

As a girl, I was fascinated with the total understanding of girls and their whims manners and mores and your rich descriptions of everything ‘girl’. The women ruled and the men...sort of non females more than male. Even Satan was tender at times, always funny and he was penned a sweet softness, but no nonsense - and naming him Nick Nussbaum, with ladies in every port.

I read Wicca Girl in 2 sittings. I won't lend it out unless it is read in my house as ,I like the Devil, don't trust anyone to bring it back. And, you signed it, thank you. It is just good fun!! REALLY! Thanks a million for the opportunity to read it.   ...Christine C., Medical Admin., New York City

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