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Denny Fincke's original color cover ( left ) for the Graphic Novel version of Wicca Girl. This will be used for promotions.

Dave Elliott's corrected cover ( right )will be used on the Graphic Novel.

This is the argument between Jocelyn and Satan that drives the dynamic of the entire novel. Dialogue balloons have to be added. Color will be done when the project is finished.

After an eighteen year affair with the Dark Lord, serial murderess Jocelyn Von Hagen, the Black Widow of Dresden, is dissatisfied with little magic she has learned and the lack of a commitment. She wants more power and Satan's Pentagram signet ring. He tells her all she gets is a Dragon's Blood amulet. She is very angry at this 'disrespect'. Satan threatens to banish her. Jocelyn opens her mouth once too often and is banished from the Cursed Forest of Blackbridge. She vows revenge, to get the ring and to take Satan's Realm as well. Jocelyn performs her one good feat of magic and transforms herself into a large Black Raven. She then flies North to the encampment of Viking raider Roggevand the Furious.
Jocelyn astounds the Vikings when she appears and shocks Roggevand when she carves a magic rune on his chest. She claims it will make him invulnerable and proves it with a quick spear toss. Then, she makes him a offer he can't refuse. Jocelyn makes the deal with Roggevand. He will raid Blackbridge on the morn and go to the Cuyrsed Forest to kill Satan and get the ring. The Next Morning. Druscilla's 18th birthday celebration and the Norsemen gather for the attack. The alarm sounds and the villagers prepare for the worst.
Later in the story Druscilla flees to the Cursed Forest to escape the massacre:

After making her pact with Satan and obtaining the Pentagram Ring, Druscilla hides from Roggevand in the Pool of Dark Visions. Unable to hold her breath she exhales and the Devil's blood dissolved in the water is drawn into her mouth by the power of the Pentagram Ring. She swallows the blood and is transformed far beyond what Satan intended. Roggevand attacks viciously, but his sword cannot damage her. The razor sharp blade that cut down dozens of Blackbridge citizens passes through Druscilla harmlessly as if she were a ghost. Only her new birthday dress is shredded. Druscilla realizes that now she is a super-being, literally a blood relative of the Dark Lord!

Roggevand attacks again and again but to no avail. Baronet Frederick arrives and challenges Roggevand, but Morg whinneys and spooks Trumpeter who throws his knight. Roggevand attacks the defenseless Frederick, but Druscilla steps between them and blasts the Viking with her new power. His body melts and finally his head explodes much to Frederick's horror.

Much later in the story in 2010 A.D. in Cancun, Mexico:

UMBRA's financier Drago Montenegro, a wannbee warlock corners Druscilla and Cher in his hotel suite, intending to sacrifice them to the Dark Powers. He finds out the hard way that he picked the wrong girls to victimize and, in a fierce battle, Drago gets fried by the two ladies who enjoy the lobster and champagne
if not the company.

Maximillian Von Hagen acquires a ten foot Peruvian statue called IncaDink which can be animated like the legendary Golem with a magic coin. At a Board meeting of Jocelyn's supernatural crime organization UMBRA, one of the member's tries to backout whenhe hears that Druscilla has destroyed the financier Drago. Maximillian energizes IncaDink and techs the Board a lesson...once your in UMBRA, you are in all the way!

During the Mayan Lunar Fiesta, Prince Samedi's zombie goons Dijon and Mr. Maroon attack Druscilla and Cheralyn in an alley. Dijon's stiletto proves ineffective against the Queen of Witches and Mr. Maroon's strength is also no match for the girls' powers. Cheralyn breaths fire down Mr. Maroon's lungs, searing his lungs. Druscilla turns Dijon and Mr. Maroon into rats and the local alley cats to the rest. Yum Yum!!

Later in the fiesta, Jocelyn unleashes IncaDink on Drusciall and Cheralyn. He rampages the reveling villagers killing anyone in his path. Druscilla lures the monolith outside the village to a condo complex under construction. While contemplating her next move from the unfinished upper floor, Druscilla is attacked by Goyazaka's assassin, a former ballet dancer turned lethal weapon named Sin-Sin. The deadly swordswoman soon finds that her razor sharp weapon won't cut her opponent. With a mighty Flying Tiger attack, Sin-Sin leaps high in the air and sails gracefully across the floor, but passes through Druscilla as if she was a ghost. Sin-Sin, clutching only Druscilla's red cocktail dress, continues her flight over the edge of the building and starts to plummet many floors down to the rebar studded construction below.

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