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In the Reign of William the Conqueror.....

Druscilla Marie d'Lambert's odyssey begins with her birth in Britain in 1070 A.D. Druscilla's father Hugo d’Lambert is a retired Norman army captain who decided to stay in this new country and marry his girlfriend Elizabeth Eccles. He found great success as an apothecary due to his secret penchant for alchemy and the family settled in the village of Blackbridge a mile form the Cursed Forest. No one has ever returned from The Cursed Forest of Blackbridge, said to be Satan’s lair. In these times, Britains have to be wary of raiding parties of Vikings who land on the northern and eastern shores in search of loot and slaves.

Coincidentally, on the day of Druscilla's birth, serial murderess Countess Jocelyn Von Hagen, the Black Widow of Dresden, arrived in the area while eluding the Scottish sheriff who had pursued her from Edinburgh where she had botched the murder of Lord McKay. Jocelyn took refuge in The Olde Hellfyre Inn and caught the eye of the proprietor, Nicholas Nut-tree, a pseudonym used by the Dark Prince Satan. Satan found Jocelyn fascinating and good for pleasure, so he protected her from the law. Their relationship lasted eighteen years, during which Satan taught Jocelyn limited magical feats. However, he discovered her to be a selfish and untrustworthy person who argued constantly over her need for more power and an obsessive desire to possess his Pentagram Ring as a token of his devotion. To calm her, Satan gave her a silver amulet containing an ampoule of rare, powerful dragon’s blood that will amplify her existing powers. Jocelyn denigrated the gift and pushed her luck in a big, loud, nasty argument that got her banished from the Cursed Forest forever.

On that day, Jocelyn vows revenge, transforms herself into a large Black Raven and flies north to the camp of Viking raider Roggevand the Furious. She carves a magic rune on his chest that makes the Viking chieftain invulnerable to weapons, as proven when Jocelyn hurls a spear at him and it bounces off his chest. Jocelyn promises to make the Viking ruler of all Britain if he enters Blackbridge Forest, seeks out and slaughters the Christian Devil Satan and brings her the Pentagram Ring.

The next day, which is Druscilla's 18th birthday, the Vikings raid Blackbridge. Hugo entrusts his notebook of apothecary secrets to his daughter and tells her to hide in the thickets outside the Cursed Forest until the battle is done. Hugo and Elizabeth hide in the great stone St. Martin’s church. Halfway to the forest, Druscilla gets cold feet and returns only to witness her friends and neighbors being mercilessly slaughtered by the Norsemen and the church burned to the ground. While hiding in an outbuilding, Druscilla hears Roggevand tell his lieutenant that he is leaving the battle to fulfill the orders of the sorceress Jocelyn to find and kill Satan in the Cursed Forest. The trumpets blare, announcing the arrival of Baron Griswold's troops. The Britains engage the Vikings, delaying Roggevand’s exit, so Druscilla takes advantage and runs back to the forest, not stopping at the thickets, but running deep into the endless darkness beyond.

Jocelyn, in the form of the Black Raven, returns to the Cursed Forest to witness the destruction of her former lover. Druscilla runs deep into the forest thinking Roggevand is chasing her. The exhausted girl stops by the Pool of Dark Visions to rest and drink the refreshing water and is confronted by Satan, who is auguring at the Pool by dripping his blood into the spring to get future visions. Scared, angry and thirsting for revenge as well as water, Druscilla loses her faith and makes a pact with Satan to be his pupil and agent if he will grant her power, immortality and eternal beauty. She mentions what she heard Roggevand say to his aide and Satan realizes Jocelyn is responsible for the Blackbridge Massacre. Satan, aware of the Black Raven in the tree, accepts Druscilla's pact. Jocelyn watches helplessly from a tree branch as Satan gives Druscilla the coveted Pentagram Ring and promises that after three years tutelage from him she will be named Queen of Witches. He warns her of Roggevand’s approach before departing. Jocelyn is furious that this peasant girl has attained in a few minutes all that she herself desired, but can do nothing about it. Satan bids Druscilla farewell and leaves her to deal with Roggevand.

When Roggevand searches the woods for Satan, Druscilla panics and hides in the Pool of Dark Visions, but is unable to hold her breath underwater. She opens her mouth to exhale and the Ring’s power draws the dissolved Devil’s blood into her mouth. Druscilla swallows it and is transformed into a true blood relative of the Devil. Transformed, she emerges from the Pool and is about to face-off Roggevand when Baronet Fredrerick Griswold enters the forest in pursuit of the Viking chieftain and vows to save her. But fate has other plans for both Druscilla and Frederick.

1091 A.D.

Three years later Druscilla is confirmed as Queen of Witches and is officially betrothed to Frederick, who has been her true suitor. She moves into Griswold Castle, but all is not as peaceful as it could be. There are other tenants in the castle brought there by Frederick's late father; Dr. Rene De La Croix, a devout agnostic, politician, and true scientist and Rene’s spoiled 14 year-old daughter Mariette who is jealous of Druscilla and has designs on Frederick. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jocelyn has been coming to the castle by night to seduce Mariette, telling her that Frederick can be hers if she will administer a dragon’s blood potion to Druscilla. Mariette is instructed to take get and bring the Pentagram Ring to Jocelyn. Late that night, Mariette waits until her father is deep in his studies and Frederick is off on a hunting trip. Mariette offers Druscilla a poisoned wine toast to the impending nuptials. Druscilla drinks the brew and falls comatose on the floor, but the Pentagram Ring won't come off her finger as only she can remove it. Rene discovers his daughter’s treachery and sends Mariette to St. Martin’s Convent where she is to be kept by the nuns until she can be married off. Fearful that his daughter's deadly deed will result in her execution and his banishment; Rene entombs Druscilla in a false wall in an arcade in the castle’s upper hallway and tells everyone she has gone to London to get her wedding dress.

2010 A.D.

While restoring Griswold Castle, donated by Baron Oswald Griswold as the Blackbridge National Museum of Antiquities, noted physician and historian Dr. Erik Henderson and his associate, psychiatrist Dr. Viktor Sneed, discover what they think is a Medieval mummy walled up in an arcade. In the process of removing the mummy from the tomb, engineer Reggie Potts cuts his finger and bleeds profusely on the body. The blood is quickly absorbed into Druscilla's dry flesh which becomes soft and pliable again. When more signs of life are detected, Henderson takes the comatose girl to his clinic for observation. In the clinic, the doctors detect delta brain waves in their patient…she's alive and dreaming! That night, shifty ex-con janitor Clive tries to steal the Pentagram Ring from Druscilla by attempting to cut off her finger. He only succeeds in cutting his own hand. His blood gushes on Druscilla’s skin and again, the blood is quickly absorbed into her flesh. Druscilla’s heartbeat increases and her breathing stabilizes. She starts to blink. Clive tries with all his might to pull the ring off her finger. This causes Druscilla to awaken. She soon sheds her gray, wrinkled skin as a reptile does and starts to regenerate. The Witch Queen is at once confused, frightened and fascinated by the unfamiliar surrounds of the 21st century. Sister Bess, the nurse, walks in on her and alerts Henderson and Sneed that their patient is awake.

Sneed makes a secret phone call to a mysterious Col. Mortimer, a member of Sneed's gentlemen's club, and tells him that Druscilla the legendary Blackbridge Witch is alive and at the clinic. Apparently, Mortimer has been sifting historical records and sources for 60 years looking her and asked his old friend to keep him posted on any information gleaned at Griswold Castle where she used to live.

Months later, Druscilla has retrieved her personal treasure from Griswold Castle and converted it into millions of pounds sterling. She purchases a townhouse in Mayfair and a fire engine red Rolls Royce Phantom III. She also has obtained a modern high school equivalency education and has a houseman/driver named Henry Ratcliffe, who is a transformed brown rat she found in Hyde Park . Druscilla catches up on the modern social and scientific scene by lunching with her titled Mayfair neighbors, all young, jet-set noblewomen. Oddly, many of her friends have ancestors who over the last 900 years have had experiences with a woman named Druscilla d'Lambert. One friend chronicled how a witch named Druscilla saved Leonardo Da Vinci from an assassination attempt and another girl's ancestor worked with a Druscilla d’Lambert to save her French relatives during the revolution. Druscilla asks Henry to research her mysterioous historical past.

Druscilla is summoned to the office of Dame Millicent Mackenzie, head of Her Majesty's Secret Service and learns that Jocelyn Von Hagen is still alive and the head of UMBRA a supernatural terrorist organization of renegade witches, warlocks and demons. Recently, Jocelyn worked for the Nazis and then the KGB during the Cold War. Druscilla is given a commission as an MI-6 operative, code name Wicca Girl (over her protests that Wicca has nothing to do with witchcraft) and assigned to neutralize the Von Hagens and dismantle UMBRA

Meanwhile in Bel Air, California.......

While Druscilla gets her training , U.C.L.A. freshman Cheralyn Rose Moscowitz discovers on her 18th birthday that her absentee father is none other than the Devil. Her award-winning soap-opera actress mom Ruby Mosco made a deal for career success to have a son by Satan, who frequents Hollywood as producer Nick Nussbaum. But, fate was fickle and now Ruby has fire-breathing Cheralyn, who sports two hornettes under those red bangs and has a few supernatural powers she has not understood until now. Cher demands to meet face to face with her father. Summoned in a midnight ceremony, Satan realizes that there is no escape, he's got a daughter and must deal with that fact. He tries to deter her from being a part of his activities, but Cher is adamant that she wants to get her degree at U.C.L.A. then join the family busines.

A week later in London, Druscilla is called to MacKenzie's office and assigned to liquidate UMBRA's new financial executive Drago Montenegro in Cancun, Mexico. Druscilla travels outside England for the first time in her life and flies to Cancun, Mexico, a place and culture she did not know existed a few monts earlier. Druscilla meets Drago at the hotel's veranda bar. Shortly afterward, Drago meets and is intrigued by, a vacationing U.C.L.A. freshman playing volleyball on the beach – Cheralyn Rose Moscowitz! Drago makes dates with both ladies, but has ulterior, evil plans for them. At seven p.m., Druscilla and Cheralyn collide in the hotel lounge where they are supposed to meet Drago. They discover each others identities, conclude that they are blood sisters, and join forces to destroy Drago. Druscilla sees her way to get to Jocelyn and Cheralyn wants to get recognition from her father. On Mexican soil, they now face a fight with a hoarde of supernatural villains from the four corners of the globe and an unstopable ten foot granite monster called IncaDink. Oh yes, there is Cheralyn's 900 year old, six foot-six brother Maximillian Von Hagen.

So begins an blood-linked friendship that will fight evil and find shopping bargains around the world forever. But, is the world ready for the crime fighting duo whom the supernatural world will come to know as ''The Betty and Veronica from Hell''?
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